What to Look For in a Communion Dress

Communion is a Christian worship service wherein the bread and wine are to be shared within the holy place for worship. For all we know, it is also a symbol that reminds us about the death of Christ for our sins.

In Catholicism, the First Holy Communion is an important sacrament that every child must go to. Communion is the next sacrament of initiation in the Catholic faith right after Baptism. They only allow their children to receive their First Holy Communion when they reach their 7th to 8th  years of age. Traditionally, it has to be followed accordingly because it is considered in the Catholic as one of the holiest sacraments. Having that said, it makes the ceremony deserves to have appeared with a church-conscious attire. 

But how would you know the things to look for in a communion dress? Read on and find the list of things to look for in choosing a communion dress:

  1. Before buying communion dresses you must consider your family and cultural traditions. Some cultures require minimal designs on a dress, while some go for a fancy and fully decorated dress.

  2. You should always consider the comfort of the wearer. The wearer is young girls who, sometimes, are not comfortable with low-quality lace. That makes it important to use a dress of soft-cotton lace from A Little Lacey.

  3. Make sure to double-check the right measurement before you purchase. Get the waist, bust, hips, sleeves, arm width, shoulder, and the neck to back measurements twice.

  4. Since this is a church-related event, it is important to stay conservative with the attire that we will let them wear. Too much skin-showing attire must be avoided.

  5. First Communion dresses usually are made of silk, linen, organza, chiffon, and lace. These are all good for the said celebration. And the typical color is white on all its parts.

Here are a few of the Girls Dresses for the First Communion from A Little Lacey.

  1. Cleo White Lace Boho Girls Dress
    Cleo White Lace Boho Girls Dress
    Cleo White Lace Boho Girls Dress

    This White Lace Dress is fit for your little girl on every special celebration including the First Communion. Every detail is perfectly tailored with an enclosed zipper at the back. You will also find the Boho sleeves attractive and just perfect for the occasion. It is made with lace and cotton materials so expect your child to feel comfortable while wearing the Cleo White Lace Boho Girls Dress on her First Communion. It is also best the best attire for a photo shoot with a pretty flower crown to complete the attire.

  2. Juliette Long Sleeve White Lace Girls Dress
    This Juliette Long Sleeve White Lace Dress for Girls is one of A Little Lacey’s best seller dresses for children. Its long sleeves are made with patterned lace that is engineered for a perfect design. This is a V-shaped back dress that is made with lace and is best worn on special occasions. Your young girl will look amazingly beautiful as a flower girl dress or for the first communion.

  3. Maia White Lace Dress
    Maia White Lace Dress

    Maia White Lace Dress
    The Maia White Lace Dress is made with an elegant while lace to feature the elbow-length sleeves in Boho style. This soft stretched cotton-made dress is best for wedding ceremony occasions, first communion, and photoshoots. Its waist is elasticized to create a perfect shape for the young wearer. She will look fantastic Maia White Lace Dress and match up with a lovely flower crown.

  4. Genevieve Girls Full Length White Lace Dress
    If your choice is an elegant full dress, this Genevieve Girls Full Length White Lace Dress is the one right for your child. It has the prettiest lace design covering the dress from top to bottom with delicately fringed edges. The gorgeous wearer will surely catch the eyes of every attendee at church with this elegant Genevieve White Lace Dress.

  5. Aubrie Boho White Flower Girls Dress
    AUBRIE Boho White Flower Girls Dress
    Aubrie Boho White Flower Girls Dress

    If you want a different style for your child, this simply stunning Aubrie Boho White Flower Girls Dress is a good choice. Made with the finest quality soft lace, it is designed to be worn with an on or off-shoulder feature. It covers the dress with a soft lace that gives ultimate comfort to the wearer. Don’t forget to complete the attire for the occasion with a flower crown.

Given are the top 5 Communion Dresses at A Little Alice that you can wear your girls not only for communion but also for other special occasions. These occasions include wedding ceremonies, photoshoots, and the Holy First Communion. Be sure to grab yours now and pay in full or in four payments through After Pay.

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