Sustainable Fashion – Which Brands are Sustainable?

There are many sustainable brands that you can choose from the market if you really want to save up more money for other important necessities. For example, the Patagonia brand is known for fair trade outdoor clothing. This brand is a pioneer in clothing sustainability for all where they collaborated with manufacturers to use organic cotton with their products. More clothing companies are doing the same idea where they consider the benefit of an environmentally-friendly process in the way they make their clothes. 

Generally, sustainable brands like Pact, Kotn, Sezane, and other big clothing brands are switching to eco-friendly manufacturing where the goal is sustainability in fashion. 

Sustainable fashion

Sustainability fashion is making sure that there are reserved resources for the future while ensuring the needs of the present fashion demands are being given. It is about the idea of recycling for the benefit of the farmers, consumers, and manufacturers. Clothing and footwear factories use resources from the environment that can’t be replaced immediately such as cotton, oil, and animal skin. 

These things that companies use are available but not unlimited. It means that it can go to the point of extinction. That makes sustainable fashion necessary now to design, manufacture, and distribute in ways that are friendly to our environment. 

Sustainable fashion brands in the UK

In terms of affordability, sustainable fashion brands are so beneficial to British people. It is important to them because they can allot spare money for other important bills from what they had saved from purchasing cheaper and sustainable clothing brands. 

Living in the UK requires you to work hard because there are taxes to pay. You really have to work hard to pay taxes. That is why buying affordable clothes where you can use them over and over again is easy for an English family. A family will have a chance to save more pennies from these sustainable brands.

Economically, the London Fashion Week had prevented the use of expensive materials in making clothes. For instance, the use of materials from animals was prohibited for the sake of sustainability, too. The sustaining of environmental resources is a big factor in making affordable clothing products that will benefit British consumers. 

Sustainable clothing brands for men

Men are not so keen with regard to fashion sense. Boys don’t want to be stressed in choosing what to wear. But of course, there are some guys who are so serious about the price and quality of the clothes they wear or buy for their family. There is a famous motto, “Buy better, buy less”, which really suits most of the boys’ mindset. 

If you’re a guy and you are reading this article, you may consider the brands like Patagonia, Asket, and All Birds in terms of sustainability where they offer environmentally-friendly raw materials made clothes. Where if you want the brands that are maintaining their environmentally responsible manufacturing, you may choose a brand like Story Mfg.

Lastly, sustainability is also about reducing waste that can help the environment reproduce its resources. That is why a sustainable brand like Prana is perfect for your sustainable fashion needs. 

Sustainable clothing brands for women

Sustainable clothing brands available for girls are Levi’s, Alternative Apparel, Pact, Everlane, H&M Conscious, and other prominent brands. All of these brands are now taking into consideration the factors in protecting the environment for the purpose of sustainable fashion. These are water usage, hazardous chemicals, short life cycle, waste, and agriculture which affect the sustainability of making womenswear. 

Girls are girls. They will always be fashion enthusiasts. But for now, they need to choose the brands that promote affordability.


Environmental issues are the reason why the fashion industry is becoming more concerned with the sustainability of clothes manufacturing. This industry also generates a lot of waste that needs to be solved.

Clothes are essential to us humans. We need the appropriate clothing for different seasons where we can make sure that they bring comfortability. Aside from that, the sustainability of our clothes is so important when it comes to our economic resiliency. If you prefer a frugal and simple life, sustainable fashion is appropriate for your clothing needs.

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