Fashion trends to keep you cool this Summer

Here comes the summer and people are getting excited to wear off the cool summer outfits trend this year. If you are just a wearer, you may think that summer fashion is just about top tanks and shorts. 

But not for trend-goers, because they consider the different color shades of summer. They also take 5 minutes in choosing between the utility sandals and slides that both have velcro straps. 

Time doesn’t matter for fashion as it may seem, but style and comfort do. Keep reading and see the trends in summer fashion that you can add to your fashion list.

What are the Summer fashion trends for 2021?

We all know that summer is time to show off your beach bodies on your sweet escape sunny vacation. But we need to remember that too much sunlight exposure can possibly damage your skin. So aside from drinking a lot of water make sure to protect your skin with sunblock lotions, too. And also, there are appropriate summer fashion picks that will help you cool down the temperature brought by the sun. 

What are the summer fashion trends that we’re checking on this year? 

Denim and Blues 

  1. Vintage -Inspired Straight-Leg Jeans
    High-waist pants still rock for the girls. Bringing back the unending old days in summer fashion will truly put you in the spotlight.
  2. Baggy Jeans
    Fashionistas wear these loose-fit jeans even in summer for it allows the leg and lower body to breathe with its wide cuts.
  3. Boot Cut Jeans
    These will make you look fabulous. Slightly flared but not that drastic, it will surely be a good choice for your summer jeans fashion picks.
  4. Distressed Jeans
    With the hot weather brought by the sunlight, you may consider wearing this kind of ripped jeans which allows air to get into your knees and legs.

Summer Tops

  1. Sleeveless Shirt
    The heat of the summer will keep you warm and sweaty. So it is always been the choice of most people to wear sleeveless shirts or tops. Wearing sleeveless tops helps cool down the heat in their body due to the hot weather.
  2. V-neck Top
    This type of shirt is a hit for girls and boys roaming around beaches because it can give you the light feeling of coolness with this top. The V-neck shape part of it allows the air to enter your upper body.
  3. Long Sleeves
    Protecting your skin is a must from the heat of the sun. It could damage your skin with ultra-violet rays. That makes it important that you should wear long sleeve outfits along with your sun-block lotion.
  4. Crop Top
    This kind of top is for women who are not afraid to show off their Bikini bodies or show off too much skin. The crop top is the best choice if they still want to feel comfortable while showing some skin.

Comfortable summer footwears

  1. Sporty Sandals
    Summer getaways are always filled with adventures where you need footwear that can match your movements. Sporty sandals are the right choice for your whole day’s beach roaming time.
  2. Flip- flops
    Is nice to walk around a resort or roam around on an island with this very comfortable footwear. They can be a good partner to your scarves and summer hats.
  3. Flatforms
    They have high and low types. If you need additional inches on your height, try the high flats. These flatforms will complement your trendy tops with the comfort they can bring to your feet.
  4. Slippers
    These are always comfortable to wear during this summer while you are walking on the beach or just zipping your coffee on the terrace of your cottage.
  5. The Slick Slide
    With high and low heeled types, the slick slide will compliment your summer attire while you enjoy the winds of the tropical beaches.
  6. The Touch Cork
    These comfy wedges give comfort as you wear them. With its appearance, prepare yourself to catch the eye of many while enjoying your beach escapade.
  7. Classic Espadrille sandals
    Classic never gets old. Pick this type of wedge where you can choose from flat to high heeled kinds.

The summer/spring bags

  1. Water Bottle Bags
    Stay hydrated while enjoying the summer with these types of bags where you can carry your drinking water.
  2. Necklace Bags
    Summertime is about releasing stress and heavy stress, so you also need a handy bag to carry only what you need like money or a smartphone while enjoying your vacation.
  3. Netted Bags
    Even bags need ventilation, they also need to be cooled with air. These are perfect to handle things while you shop around stalls alongside beaches.
  4. Two-Tone Bags
    This is one of the trendy kinds because of its ability to give you two colors in one bag. At the same time, it is handy with a simple elegant design.

These are just a few of the fashion must-haves that you can include in your wardrobe. You’ll never get worried about the heat of summer because these ideas will help cool it down. Keep exploring and don’t be afraid to try to go outside your comfort fashion zone. 

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